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Postby twinkie76y » Fri Dec 25, 2015 5:26 pm

Hello there.

I have decided approx a year ago to buy a brantly helicopter, and I've just sold my floatplane to make that happen.

I have a specific question about the formsprag cluth. I understand that the -2 part number has a 300 hour inspection, at which time a particular piece needs to be replaced, and is NOT field-serviceable. That piece is not available to buy and the factory will not re-certify it. Is this still correct? Also, am I correct in understanding that the -3 part number increases the inspection interval to 600 hours? Is that 600 hour inspection something that can be done in the field, and are there any parts that need to be replaced on that 600 hour inspection and if so, are they available as of today?

I have been looking at purchasing a particular b-2. Perhaps someone here can help me with the good, bad, and ugly about it.

All the parts have very low component times, so I am not worried about that. It has the -3 formsprag on it with only 100 hours.

This B-2 still has the O-360-A1A with carburetor, non-fuel-injected. Still has the funny looking bug-eye canopy, and old style seats. Everything else is changed to a b-2b.

Additionally, this may not be the right forum, but my other option is a Enstrom F-28C. Has anyone flown both? There is a F-28C in the same ball-park available with times that are not as great, but still not terrible.
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Re: new owner

Postby 9121u » Fri Dec 25, 2015 6:27 pm

HI I owned a b2 ..they do not have have the power even tho the b2b is 180 horse and b2 has 180 horse that carb makes a big difference.. I would go with Enstrom lots of good serviceable used parts out there and new parts are available still has factory support..don't get me wrong the brantly was a great little helicopter.....have fun be safe whatever you buy.......
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Re: new owner

Postby davidhillberg » Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:02 pm

request the clutch manufacturing info from the FAA. use the info to have a commercial clutch to conformed to that information most items are from auto motive and industrial sources .blue prints,process sheet and QC ,,when you make one make three....
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