Lord dampers J9794-3

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Lord dampers J9794-3

Postby seneca2e » Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:45 pm

I called the Lord Corporation about possible ENGINE mounts to replace the Lycoming motor mount 71032. The J-1552 I think does as it bonds the washer to the mount but not sure if it is approved as they have not got back with me on that one. Actually I think the 71032 is okay since the engine sits on them vertical-they're not the best on aircraft due to sagging so I think the J-1552 is superior on horizontal installations.

What was intriguing is the guy casually mentioned they made the Lead Lag Dampers for the Brantly. He switched me to the helicopter guy and the guy said he'd made a couple requests to get the Brantly drag dampers J9794-3 back in production but no joy yet. He felt they would if there was at least a small order for them. He confirmed the color of them as a reddish brown. He said he'd call me back after he checked on the production possibilities again. I didn't really call about the drag dampers originally but this all was interesting. Any parts we can get back in production for the Brantly is positive as far as I am concerned!
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