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Checkrides Passed

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:17 pm
by Ron Spiker
I had two more students pass their checkride over the last 3 weeks. One was a commercial add-on in his Bell 47 (he also got his private add-on with us last fall). The other was this past Saturday in the Enstrom. Two more guys have probably one more flight each and I'll sign them off also. One in the Brantly for a private-initial and one in the Enstrom for a private add-on.

Re: Checkrides Passed

PostPosted: Fri Oct 18, 2013 6:27 pm
by 9121u
Good job Ron and the ones that passed. just to remind everyone that RON is an excellent pilot and instructor and has taught a lot of students to successfully fly helicopters of their dreams.. brantlys and other types. he taught me a lot thru the years and for advance emergency maneuvers Ron I think is the best there is at it ..engine out at all altitudes/ tail rotor failures it does not matter he will get you threw it all safely and make sure you know it.. plus he is the only one around the Pittsburgh area to help future helicopter pilots. most training centers got out of it. I know its expensive to get into helicopters but Ron seems likes its in his blood to help others to fill the dreams of helicopter flight. now that he has a very good enstrom everyone has a choice of helicopter to fly witch he does a great job with . so I highly recommend Ron for training or just to freshen up ... keep up the good work Ron