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Owner Maintenance Seminar

Postby edspilot » Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:18 am

02-13-08, 11:07am ET


After reading the post by the factory about the training they are setting up for April 08, where it is for A&Ps, I would like something for non-A&Ps

I have sent this e-mail today at their suggestion. (Disclaimer: I am not trying speak for anybody else)

02-13-08, 10:44am ET


I am a soon to be B-2B owner. I along with other owners were wanting to know if
your factory does/could provide a seminar on maintenance familiarization for the
owner. This might include (but not limited to) items such as:

preflight issues
aging aircraft issues
preventive maintenance
owner assisted scheduled inspections
"how to" on common procedures

These are only suggestions as this is "your" B-2B and you know best what should
be covered. Please feel free to make any recommandations.

I know that there was also interest in maybe some planned demo flights for those
that wanted them.

This might be a great opportunity for Brantly to continue spreading the word
about Brantly to others that can also spread the word.

Also, I may not be the best one to help set up an event as this, as there are
others much more knowledgable on the B2B & about what is needed in the field.

FYI: I'll be posting this e-mail on a Brantly fourm to help spur interest.



Others, feel free to sent something too, if you are interested to: sales@brantly.com


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